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Giant Knocker Soccer

Like Soccer, but with a Giant 6-Foot Soccer Ball!
Our Event Staff will set up two sets of goal posts.
Run, dive and roll into the giant ball to score the most goals for your team! The team with the most goals wins!

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Knocker Brawl

Fight to be the last KnockerBaller standing!
As soon as we blow the whistle, it's a free for all!
Knock hard and stand your ground, as soon as your knees touch the ground you're out! The final KnockerBaller standing wins.

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Knock The King

Hit hard to knock the King! 2 players from two teams are selected to be their team's King. When the whistle blows, it's team vs team to knock over the King! Knock down the other team's King to score points. The team with the most points wins!

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Battle Joust

Run fast and hit hard in a 1v1 battle! Two players stand on two ends. When we blow the whistle, run towards your opponent and hit hard! These are the hardest, most aggressive hits that occur while playing KnockerBall. Whoever is still standing wins!

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Bubble Soccer

A game of Soccer made AWESOME! Our Event Staff will set up two goals. Get the ball to your goal and knock anyone who stands in your way! The team with the most goals wins!

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Front Roll Knocker Race

Challenge your friends in a roll to the finish! All players line up at the starting line. When we blow the whistle, roll as fast as you can to the finish line! First one to the finish line wins.

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Knocker Bowling

Bowl with your friends! Literally! Four to eleven players set themselves in a triangle as pins on the opposite side of the field. One player as the bowling ball will run down the field to knock over the pins! The player with the most knocked-down pins wins!

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Ultimate Spinoff

Challenge your friends in a dizzy run to the finish! 2 players start on opposite ends. To start, you'll spin around 12 times as fast as you can. When the whistle blows, run as fast as you can to the opposite side of the field! Along the way, knock your opponent to get to the other side first! The first player to reach the opposite side wins!

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Sharks & Guppies

Dodge the Sharks to avoid being one! 1 person will be designated as the Shark and will stand in the middle of the field. Everyone else will be the Guppies and will line up on one side of the field. When we blow the whistle, run to the other side and avoid the Shark! If you're knocked over, you become a shark. Knock over the Guppies! The Guppies that make it to the other side without being knocked over win!

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